Site Rules

Golden Rules for your Account:

  • You can only have one account on
  • There should be a real motive in buying the offers and bids you have made.
  • You cannot attempt to bypass by sending private offers to users.
  • You may not use the comments feature for self-promotion.

Golden Rules for Selling on

  • You must have the Rights to sell a domain.
  • When an auction is listed on, it should not be listed for sale anywhere.
  • You must back up any claim of revenue or traffic with authentication.
  • You should not intentionally conceal information from public view.
  • You should not copy listing from another seller.
  • You must have the right to resell it on

Golden rules when you sell your website on

  • Must include website domains, source files and any other related assets.
  • Must not contain adult content.
  • Must comply with copyright and trademark laws.
  • Must be legal and should not break any criminal law!